Why the winter birds are calling, to me

Birds etc.

There are some songs I cannot listen to; there are some too, that I cannot stop hearing.
We leave behind the present , and wish no more to relive the past, yet some things remain, forever, in our days. 
I construct my new beginnings, whilst covering the wounds of who I was, and who I was not. In the middle of all this, I forgot, to speak, and now - I hear them calling.
You can ask yourself, how can one do this, to one they love, to one who does nothing, until the birds stop their song, until the flags fall to the floor, until then, when the silence tears at your heart and asks why?

Sometimes, I think anything else has been art. This time, I feel, it is me. Or, what I was when I wrote this - because now, like all who learn at the most important moments I was this, for a second exactly this, my heart nailed to the wall. And then, as the paint dries, the feeling fades.

In these moments we learn again all that we have lived, for a millisecond we are the collective whole, both child and man, dead in our own time yet free (we imagine), to live again.

'The ability to Forget, 2014

Light Sleeper

My clothes felt worn and dust covered,
My shoes – like my fathers over sized trainers as a child
they cut my feet, my coat – as if too small
I pulled the zip up tight but still i felt the cold.
Is this what i can blame for it all, a smile that
can never be mine yet someone else’s?

My boxes shall remain closed, my ‘recuerdos’
-like ornaments and artifacts I’ll not display
or need, for i am not that man anymore, except
there in the shadows I shall catch a glimpse,
these darkest parts I shed like skin, a form
that has since been copied, its details the missing parts
that others see clearly, but not me.

'Don't know yr face, etc' acrylic and oil on canvas 110 x 70 cm    2013

'Flown' - box, with grate, 2013
'Harbour'  - watercolour on board 2014

'The removal of Self', 2013

cecilia caballero arte contemporaneo

inauguracion; 10 Abril 2014 

Av. Alvear 1761, local 9. Buenos Aires, Argentina. L a V de 3 a 7 pm. 
5411 - 4815 0699 / 54911 4577 4192. ceciliacaballero@fibertel.com.ar